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Facts About Mobile Massage

OnDemandMassage was created to offer the people of London a safe, convenient and reliable service for their relaxation needs.

The facts are that you want your mobile massage experience to be convenient with a simple online booking system.

When visiting a massage parlour in London, can you be sure all the therapists are vetted and have the relevant massage qualifications.

OnDemandMassage Facts About Mobile Massage

Why did we choose OnDemandMassage

We chose the name OnDemandMassage as our company name, we feel it gives an accurate description of what we do – mobile massage in your home, office or workplace.

In the following we will try and answer all questions and reduce the fear you may have about using our mobile massage service.

The growth of on-demand massage is replacing traditional massage parlours, this is mainly due to Londoners having busy schedules without too much spare time to visit parlours.

Therapists are using online mobile massage booking systems like OnDemandMassage to get more customers, whilst having the freedom to work when it is convenient for them.

Why not try booking your next mobile massage with us, we are sure you will never look back after your massage experience.

What is a Mobile Massage

What is a Mobile Massage?

Also known as Home Massage, refers to a qualified Massage Therapist visiting you in your home, office or hotel.

Therapists like to work flexible hours and this gives them the freedom to work without being committed to fixed terms contracts in massage parlours.

A mobile massage is ideal for working people in London who require convenience in their busy work lives.

You can find good facts about mobile massage with an explanation about the word massage on Wikipedia

Mobile Massage Explained?

The easiest way to find a mobile massage therapist is to use our online booking platform.

By entering your postcode, you will be able to choose your massage therapist, the type of treatment you require and pay online.

Alternatively you will be able to pay your massage therapist on the day of the visit.

Once your booking is made your therapist will automatically have the appointment booked in their calendar and will arrive on the specified date and time. The massage therapist will bring all products required, including massage towels, massage oils and massage table if specified in the booking.

Mobile massage Service

Mobile Massage Explained?

Once your massage therapist arrives you will be able to let them know about where you would like your treatment performed.

You will then undress to a level that is comfortable to you, after this you will be ready for your relaxing massage.

Booking through OnDemandMassage gives you the reassurance that your massage therapist if fully experienced and qualified.

Concerns about having a massage therapist visit your home

The fear of letting a complete stranger in your home can be daunting, that is why we vet all of our therapists before allowing them to take massage bookings on our online booking system.

How our mobile massage booking works

To find a massage therapist in your area is simple using our portal, you enter your postcode, this will then only show therapists that work in your area.

Book a time and date, only the dates and times available on our system will show, this avoids double bookings and cancellations.

Choose your therapy, enter your location and sit back and wait for your massage therapy date to come.

On the massage therapists page you will be able to see a profile and picture of them explaining about their great qualities which best suits your requirements.

Check our reviews on the home page, this will show the latest massage reviews from some of our clients.

If you follow the above instructions you should have no trouble finding a massage therapist who will visit your home, hotel or office as per your needs and requirements.

Mobile Massage or Massage Parlour?

Well the obvious answer for a mobile massage would probably be flexibility and convenience.

We also like to support our massage therapists, which means they can work flexibly to a time and location that is convenient for them, whilst still giving them the chance to make more money than if they were contracted to a massage parlour.

By choosing one of our mobile massage therapists instead of a massage parlour, you are helping our staff to earn a decent wage rather than the minimum which some massage parlours would be paying.

In conclusion, massage parlours will have a limited amount of therapists, this could make it difficult for you to find an appointment which would be convenient for your busy London lifestyle.

Come and work with us

Check our careers page, fill in the online form and we will be happy to talk with you to see if you have the correct massage qualifications to work with one of London’s best Mobile Massage services.

If you are already an experienced massage therapist or maybe graduating soon with all of the correct certificates, we would love to chat more about your new career.

Once your customer base grows you will have an established platform to further grow your mobile massage career. 

Some advantages of becoming a mobile massage therapist with OnDemandMassage:

– Work only the hours that are convenient for you

– With mobile massage your wage will be much higher than if you chose to work in a massage parlour

– The goals are endless, grow your customer base and expand your business

– An online booking platform that helps you get more customers 

– Your own booking area on our system that takes payments and books appointments in you own online calendar

Social media is a great way to increase customers, so keep your facebook, twitter and instagrams up-to-date to show people about your massage services.

Busy London people want convenience, so keep them up-to-date and point them towards your profile on OnDemandMassage’s portal to help them book an appointment easily.

You don’t have to limit yourself to home massage only

Massages in the workplace are becoming more popular to help employees relax and destress in the office. Companies also like to offer these services to staff as it is a great way to team build and help employees become more productive.

The massage in the office can be performed on a table in private office, or at the desk in the office chair, some companies offer these treats to their staff for birthdays or other special occasions. The massage therapist can massage shoulders, back and head in short sessions, this is a cheaper alternative to a full massage in the comfort of your home. 


We love to hear from clients who have had a great massage experience with us, please tell us about your mobile massage experience as we would love to put this in our review section on our site.

Remember: OnDemandMassage are one of the best mobile massage services in London, we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you want more facts about mobile massage, that’s easy, just call us and we will try and explain further.


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