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There a many new styles of massage treatments available.

Each of them come from different massage therapy backgrounds. They are used to relax, soothe, heal and improve general well-being.

By the use of hands, with movements and manipulation of the skin and the muscles in your body, will give you a total relaxation massage experience.

Nowadays, massage therapy isn’t classed as a luxury only the wealthy can afford. Now it is available for everyone who wants a massage home service in a safe relaxing environment.

Our London based massage home service offers mobile massage therapists offering a whole range of treatments. These include: Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Prenatal Massages.

The therapist will consult with you beforehand to explain to you about the service they will be performing.

All of our therapists have extensive experience in various massage techniques.

On Demand Massage

Benefits of a Mobile Massage

Encourages relaxation

Regulate Blood Pressure

Promotes Muscle Relaxation

Improved Posture

1. Encourages relaxation
The most widely known benefit of massage is its ability to help people relax. For instance, massage has been shown to reduce cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) levels, helping the body to make up for the physical and mental stresses of the day.

2.Regulate Blood Pressure
Studies have shown that massage can help to regulate blood pressure. Helpful for both systolic (high) and diastolic (low) blood pressure. Read the article by Acupuncture Massage College to demonstrate how massage can help.

3. Promotes Muscle Relaxation
Massage can help with mobility by removing tenseness in the muscles. A good treatment will promote increased activity to any affected site on the body, reducing stiffness and edema.

4 Improved Posture
By allowing the body to loosen muscles in the back, massage therapy can help get your body back into alignment, helping to improve your posture.

5 Promotes Easier Breathing
Massage can make your breathing that bit easier, hence promoting relaxation.

6 Strengthens the Immune system.
Regular massage increases the immune system’s cytoxic capacity, hence helping to build an immune system that can battle illness.

7 Breaking Back Pain.
Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek massages. By helping loosen the muscles in the affected area, a good treatment can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort of a bad back.

8 Postsurgical Rehabilitation
By helping to promote healthy circulation and relaxing muscles, massage can aid the body’s own healing processes. This article on gives scientific based benefits.

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