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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a mobile massage therapy group with an eye for excellence and we believe that you deserve the best home massage experience possible.

On Demand Massage helps you book a five-star massage to your home, hotel, office, or event in as little as an hour. We match your massage request with a vetted, certified massage therapist available in your area at the specified time. At your appointment time, a therapist will arrive at your door with massage table, fresh linens, lotions, oils, and music to ensure a relaxing massage. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your massage.
On Demand Massage connects you with therapists who offer deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and prenatal massage. Any of these modalities can be performed as a couples massage, either with two massage therapists performing simultaneous massage or one therapists performing massage one after another. The therapists also offer chair and table massage delivered to your office or event with On Demand Massage at Work and On demand masseuse Events.

We’re very careful about the massage therapists we select to join On Demand Massage. We vet each therapist to make sure they are fully licensed or certified in their practice area. We also verify they are insured by a reputable firm that is well known in the industry. We accept only the highest quality therapists, with only about 1/3 of applicants being accepted on to the On Demand Massage.

All of the massage therapists have the highest level of integrity and professionalism. In return, we expect all clients to reciprocate the same level of respect and conduct.

If you enjoy massages, we hope that you will do your part in keeping our eco-system intact. We strongly encourage our clients to use our online booking exclusively for all of their massage needs.

Feel free to undress to your level of comfort. If you’d prefer to leave on undergarments, be our guest. If you feel more comfortable nude, you may undress completely and position your body under the sheet. Therapists are trained to properly drape your body to protect your modesty and theirs.

Your booking confirmation email message will contain a number for you to call should you need to cancel, you can also text your therapist directly if that’s more convenient.

You may cancel or reschedule your booking up to 1 hour before the selected time with no penalty

  • If you reschedule with less than 1 hour’s notice, you will be charged a £20 fee*
  • If you reschedule with less than 30 minutes’ notice, you will be charged a £30 fee*
  • If you cancel with less than 1 hour’s notice, you will be charged a £30 fee*
  • If you cancel with less than 30 minutes, you will be charged a £60 fee*
  • If a therapist is not available for your booking you will not be charged.

Simply book online using our exclusive, super easy booking system. After making your booking you will immediately receive a confirmation text message. Your therapist will also text you directly as a courtesy once she receives your booking.

It’s entirely up to you, there is no pressure, we are here simply to relax you, not to stress you out. You will not be judged either way!
Do your therapists carry massage tables?

No. Our therapists are highly trained at performing massages on the floor or bed, this also allows your therapist to reach you on shorter notice and means you don’t need to clear out space for a table. Our therapists will usually carry a yoga mat with them as well. Some therapists can carry a table, if they can it will always be clearly stated in their profile description?

Of course, massage is a personal experience and each therapist has their own individual style and having a preferred regular therapist is totally normal.
How do I know if you’re any good?

We are very proud to work with what we believe to be some of the very best massage therapists available in London today!

A lot of time and effort is expended vetting each one and each therapist goes through a very careful interview process before being selected to work with our team.

We also use a 100% independent review platform which means you can trust the feedback you read on our page!

1 Hour: £50
1.5 Hour: £65
2 Hour: £85

If you are a registered rewards member your automatically get £5 off 90 minute and 120 minute appointments.

Please note that a travel supplement fee may apply to some areas in zones 4, 5 and 6. Once you enter your post code in step 1 of our online booking page, the travel fee will be added to the price in step 3 automatically if applicable.

We are a mobile massage service operating in the city of London and Greater London. Our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office from zones 1 to 6.

To check whether or not we cover your area, go to our online booking page and enter your post code in step 1.

The Massage Rooms is a platform for high quality, experienced remedial health professionals who offer therapeutic massage services delivered on demand in London. These mobile massage therapists deliver real massage using a highly skilled touch with empathy to protect, restore and maintain good health for both your body and mind.

On Demand Massage is a mobile massage service operating in London and surrounding areas. Mobile therapists on our platform visit you at your home, hotel or office event. All of London is covered as well as some parts of Surrey, Middlesex and Essex. Use Step 1 of the online booking system to check if your postcode is covered.

Your therapist will bring high quality massage oil, music and of course their healing hands and an empathetic personality. To enjoy your massage to the fullest, we recommend you prepare your room in advance.

Mobile therapists on this platform are trained and experienced in performing excellent massages on your own massage table, normal bed or floor, whichever you prefer. There are many advantages of not being massaged on a portable table that has been used for numerous clients. When customers understand the reasons for not using a mobile massage table, most prefer to be treated on their own belongings.

It’s usually best to close your eyes, lie back and relax during your massage. But, it’s up to you. Do speak up immediately if you feel uncomfortable in any way. Massage therapists are trained to listen and adapt their treatments to the best needs of each client.

For mobile massage therapy, the most popular duration for a full body massage is 90 minutes. Determining the best duration for a massage depends on your own personal preferences.

It is completely normal to prefer some parts of your body to be massaged more than others. During the booking process, you can choose which body parts you want your massage to focus on by simply clicking the matching parts of the body on the Focus Man. Leave out any parts that you prefer your therapist not to touch. You can also add a comment in booking comments box.

A full body massage can offer many health benefits, from stress reduction to improved blood circulation and release of tension in muscles.

It is a good idea to take a warm shower a short while before your massage therapist arrives. This will both cleanse and warm your body, as well as shift your mind to a slightly more relaxed state, preparing you for the treatment.

The benefits of massage therapy are cumulative over time. So getting a massage on a regular basis is more important than how often. If you are able to get a massage at least once week that is ideal. We recommend that you do not get more than three intensive deep tissue massages a week.

It is best to avoid eating or drinking immediately before your massage session so that your stomach does not feel bloated or full. Drink plenty of water after your massage therapy.

Massage therapy is a very safe and comforting therapy for the vast majority of people, even if you have not been feeling your best. It is however important that you consider your personal circumstances and check if it might not be safe for you to receive a massage. Please provide details within the comments box during checkout if any of the following apply:
1. Do you suffer any allergies?
2. Have you undergone any recent surgery?
3. Have you taken any drugs or alcohol in the last 24 hours?
4. Do you have any medical conditions or injuries that might affect your massage?

If you are unsure about anything always check with your doctor in advance of booking.

Massage is safe after you have passed your initial trimester of pregnancy. To avoid pressure on your abdomen, you will lie on your side and back or sit on a chair during your pregnancy massage. You should not get a massage during your first 3 months of pregnancy unless you have written approval from your doctor. Be sure to select Pregnancy in the Style drop down menu during the booking process and the system will automatically only offer therapists who are qualified in Pregnancy Massage.

Yes you can. The best value option for a couples spa day at home is to book one therapist for 2 hours and then split this time between the two of you, so you get 1 hour each, back to back.

There are no known serious side affects from getting a good quality massage. You may feel a little lightheaded and emotional or experience some soreness in your muscles the day after getting a massage. These are natural reactions to being massaged well and usually nothing to worry about.

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